Single use disposable tableware

Single use disposable tableware

Single-use tableware has a very bad reputation. And for a good reason: massive use of plastic, minimalist use, quality that leaves much to be desired, unnecessary pollution,… so many points that make this type of dishes not popular. But we still need them. So what is the solution?

If single use tableware is still in use, especially in take-away sales or during receptions or events, it is possible to have a different approach. Indeed, plastic has been banned, especially for its disastrous ecological impact. But there are many other alternatives, with ecological, biodegradable and compostable materials.

This is the way we wanted to explore, to offer you an eco responsible single use tableware. Because you can’t stop your take-away or fast food activity, we offer you a whole range of tableware with natural, recyclable and ecological materials.

For the cutlery, you will have the choice between wood, bamboo or bagasse. All these materials are 100% natural, each with their own properties. However, they all have in common that they are ecological, perfectly resistant, suitable for food contact and perfect for single use. Your customers will be delighted to use this environmentally friendly cutlery.

But that’s not all, we also offer a whole range of containers for your dishes and culinary preparations. We offer plates, trays, boxes and bowls, always made of recyclable and ecological materials. Thus, you can trust the sugar cane bagasse, or the palm leaf or the vine leaf.

In addition to a sustainable and eco-responsible aspect, you offer your customers and consumers a touch of originality. Without a doubt, you will make an impression and your customers will keep in mind the quality of your dishes, but also this exotic touch.

And to meet all your requirements, we can customize the ecological single-use tableware in terms of format, size or configuration.



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