Vegan bags and vegetal leather goods

Vegan bags and vegetal leather goods

Veganism, we hear more and more about this trend. And it must be said that it is becoming more and more widespread. But very often, the vegan lifestyle is associated with a different diet, avoiding any use of animals. But this description is rather reductive. And veganism is a trend that applies to other areas, including the textile industry.

Thus, in recent years, we have seen the arrival of new trends, and particularly for bags and leather goods in general. And among the materials that are used to make bags, we find the vegan leather (or vegan leather). But then what is this material?

When we mention the word leather, we immediately think animal. So how can we produce and use leather that is not related in any way to an animal? In fact, there are many possibilities based on plants or other, to produce vegan leather. This is how we can find :

  • The imitation leather (produced from plastics)
  • The use of fruit residues to make leather, such as pineapple, apple, grapes or cereals
  • Leather from certain plants (eucalyptus, cactus or mushrooms)

Although it does not have the appearance of “classic” leather, we can also mention cork. It is a perfect alternative to animal leather, with many properties, including resistance or waterproofing.

At Direct Eco Green, we attach particular importance to offering natural, ecological and sustainable materials. Our approach is to offer you and offer you bags that meet our charter of eco-responsibility.

That is why the use of vegan leather and cork are a priority for us. No animal is treated or used in the making of our bags, and similarly, no tests are conducted on them. And we work transparently, with certified processes, to bring you environmentally friendly, sustainable, quality products.

However, you should not confuse vegan leather with vegetable leather. Indeed, the latter does not exclude the use of animal leather. It is only the tanning process that uses vegetable products (as opposed to mineral tanning, which is classically used).

But we are also here to help you to see more clearly. Also, we can help you choose the best truly vegan bag, through a selection of vegan leather goods in our catalog. We can give you all the details about our vegan bags, how they are made, our certifications and even make your requests if you have special requirements.



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