Eco friendly backpacks and sustainable accessories

Eco friendly backpacks and sustainable accessories

The backpack has become an essential part of our modern life. Whether it is for travel, professionally or to discover the world, or in our daily life, the backpack has become an indispensable accessory.

And since this companion has found its place in our lives as well as on our shoulders, we thought it was important to take care of it. And what better way than to design backpacks that are both ethical and ecological?

It is in this philosophy that we offer a range of backpacks and accessories eco-friendly. And don’t think that backpacks are only for college students, they have become a real style accessory. So, if you want to stand out, let yourself be tempted by an eco-friendly backpack or sports bag.

But why choose a backpack that is both ecological and sustainable? What are the advantages? First of all, it is a true act of citizenship and for a preserved environment. Often, backpacks and sports bags are made from synthetic plastic products. And nothing is worse than plastic, whose level of pollution is no longer to be dismantled.

In response to this, we offer a range of backpacks and sports bags, using environmentally friendly materials or based on recycled materials, such as rPET. And for our bags, we use up to 80% recycled materials, to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact. We also work with factories to ensure that production methods are as optimal as possible.

If “fast fashion” also affects the world of backpacks and sports bags, we do not adhere to it. Our credo is to offer bags that are as resistant as possible, with the best way to produce it. That way, you get to keep your bag longer, with the satisfaction of a truly durable product.

We make sure that our bags, but also our accessories (holsters, smartphone cases, armbands and mobile pouches) are therefore strong, practical to use, but also ingenious. They must allow you to use them easily and serenely, in your daily life. Our backpacks are designed so that you can safely store your belongings, but also your laptop and other personal items.

The backpack becomes your daily companion. It must adapt to you and your use. So make it as eco-friendly as possible!



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