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A rich range of products for all your needs

We offer a complete range of eco-responsible and sustainable packagings, with an ethical vision. Whether it is food packaging, bags for all uses or other packaging, your need will be our priority.

And to meet all your requirements, all our projects are personalized in order to fully satisfy you.

Modern factories
Proximity with our factories
For quality products
A large choice of products
A presence at trade shows
Equipements de pointe

Modern equipment

For the production of our packaging, all our plants use modern equipments. This enables us to produce quality packaging to the highest standards and at an industrial rate.

For a traditional savoir-faire

But if modernism is present in our manufacturing process, we do not forget the traditional savoir-faire. Passed down from generation to generation, these skills are part of our cultural heritage.

Production éco responsable
Relation de confiance

A relationship of trust

Trust is the engine of our development. We build trusting relationships with our partners, in order to work in the best conditions. This is an essential aspect that we cultivate every day.

Ecological packaging

Ecological packaging, designed with ethics

A sustainable approach necessarily goes hand in hand with respect for people.

Based in Vietnam, we choose our partners carefully and engage with them in a relationship based on the principles of fair trade.

Like you and us, these producers have adopted a sincere and relevant eco-friendly approach. The products are made by employees who work in decent conditions and receive fair compensation.

When the project allows it, we choose small producers, because the promotion of the local economy is also part of our values, and those who decide to take responsibility for the planet and living conditions. Humans who live on it.

Responsible eco-design

Our desire is to offer you a packaging that is recyclable and whose ecological impact is as low as possible, for sustainable and responsible consumption.


    We favor materials that are durable, resistant, recyclable, biosourced and have a low environmental impact.


    We work with local producers with respect for people, whether in our relationship, but also in working conditions.


    We prefer to play the card of the local economy and promote small local producers, with a relationship of trust that benefits everyone.


    The choice of materials is essential, both from an ecological and quality point of view, for a sustainable approach to our products.


    We offer you a rich and varied range of packaging, whether for food, cosmetics, or the transport of objects.

Lotus au Vietnam

Our vision

Motivated by the search for eco-responsible solutions that are both original, innovative and intelligent, our expertise has been forged through the various and varied projects that we have managed. This is how today we support all types of professional projects, from all walks of life, from Saigon, Vietnam.

Experts in ecological packaging, and first: your partner

We consider your projects as if they were ours. And so, we take care of them: from the design stage to delivery, we ensure that they materialize optimally.

Together we develop an ecological packaging solution, which really meets your needs. In terms of design and conception, we are committed to putting our expertise at the service of your ideas and transforming constraints into a source of innovation.

Once your specifications have been validated, we take care of the production stage. Present on site throughout the project, we carry out audits as well as sample analyzes to guarantee you impeccable quality. Once the order has been completed, we offer you an optimal logistics solution that we manage independently.





100% naturel

100% natural



Sur mesure

Custom made


Fast delivery

Our core business, design and innovative eco-friendly packaging:

Because we are passionate about our profession, we like projects that challenge our creativity and our sense of practicality.

Replacing plastic and petrochemical materials is a global necessity. At your level, it is an approach that is part of a marketing strategy in line with your business plan and your commercial objectives.

This is why we design tailor-made eco-responsible packaging. So tailor-made that they become innovative.

The world of recyclables is as rich as nature allows. Believe us, with imagination and know-how, everything – or almost – becomes possible. All it takes is an idea, sometimes a constraint, to create unique packaging that will mark the minds of your customers while conveying an ethical, moral and responsible image.

Based in Vietnam, a production in Asia and Europe

For more than 7 years, we have been established in Vietnam, in Saigon, where our offices are located. But the various production sites are spread around the world, in Asia and Europe, to be closer to our customers.

Our production partner factories, which we have selected and audited, are located in China, India, Turkey, Bulgaria and Spain. And we are currently working on new locations to offer you the best experience.


Our values

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”, said Gandhi. We are at the point where it is no longer simply a question of wanting, since it is a duty. A duty that everyone can exercise according to their means and convictions. As far as we are concerned, we help anyone who chooses to use eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable packaging.

Valuation of recyclables:

Recyclable organic materials

Respect for people:

Packaging designed according to Fairtrade principles


Unique and custom made design


Meets your technical requirements

They believe in our values

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