Cardboard gift boxes and flower bouquet boxes

Cardboard gift boxes and flower bouquet boxes

Discover our gift boxes and packaging for flowers and bouquets in different configurations:

    • Cardboard gift boxes
    • Flowers and bouquets boxes
    • Pen boxes

We offer a wide range of cardboard gift boxes and packaging for flowers and bouquets, as well as gift boxes for pencils. These gift boxes are offered in cardboard and paper, for a 100% ecological and sustainable packaging. In addition to offering high quality gift boxes, your brand shows its concern for the environment with eco-friendly products.

Cardboard gift boxes are the way to present your most beautiful products in an elegant and luxurious way. In addition to providing a first class presentation, they allow a first class gift wrapping, with a quality finish, in the continuity of your exceptional product. These cardboard gift packages will delight your customers and convey a quality image of your brand.

Our flower and bouquet boxes are also available in cardboard, for a guaranteed rigidity, an ecological packaging and a first quality finish. You will be able to place your most beautiful compositions in a magnificent case. The flowers will be protected during transport and storage, thanks to our packaging. Moreover, our boxes for flowers and bouquets can also be used as a display.

Discover our cases and boxes for pencils, made of cardboard, for a 100% recyclable and durable product. These boxes will embellish and give a presentation case to your pens, whether they are for advertising purposes or as a corporate gift. This packaging will give an elegant and refined image of your company in addition to conveying the eco-friendly image of your brand.

In addition to being eco-friendly, all our products are customizable, and come in different sizes and formats, with various colors. For all our gift wrapping and flower and bouquet boxes, CMYK printing is applied, and a matte lamination on the outside is possible. In addition, we can print your own logo.



Sur mesure

Custom made



Technical details:

Candy packaging material

Cardboard, Ivory paper


Flowers, Gifts, Packaging, Pencils

Size of the packaging

200 mm, 220 mm, Personalized

Certified products:

In order to offer you packaging that is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also of our quality, we work with all the major certification companies, in order to guarantee you quality products that also meet the standards in force on the market.

Whether it is in terms of traceability of raw materials used, quality control of products, compliance with safety rules and labor rights of employees, we respect all standards in force.

Moreover, we guarantee you an accompaniment in all the processes of certifications, with the factories, and the quality controls.

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