Eco friendly bags

Eco-friendly bags

Long confined to the role of shopping bag, the tote bag has experienced a revival and has emerged as a bag to use in everyday life. And among the issues that have allowed the tote bag to know a second wind, there is the sustainability and ecology aspect that have become paramount.

Indeed, the end of single-use plastic bags has given new life to the tote bag. And it has now become a must have in everyday life. More than that, it has become an element of style or for advertising purposes. Durable, coupled with the use of recyclable materials, it is the ideal accessory for your shopping or become the companion of your daily life.

Among the different tote bags on the market, we can mention the famous tote bag. Under the name tote bag, this bag has grown in 2010, becoming a real fashion accessory. But above all, this bag has many advantages, among which its flexibility, its great resistance, its lightness or its ease to be customized. It is easily carried on the shoulder or in the hand, thanks to its two handles.

And in the same style, we find the mesh bags or net bags, shopping bags, laundry bags, bottle bags or beach bags. We offer you all this range of bags, in natural and 100% recyclable materials. Among them, we find jute, a particularly resistant and durable material, which has a specificity: during its production, jute absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

But we also rely on other materials such as felt or Tyvek. Felt is a material made from recycled clothing waste, offering products made from 100% recycled materials. And this does not affect the strength and durability of felt bags. For its part, Tyvek is an innovative material, non-woven, very light and resistant. It combines the qualities of paper, plastic and fabric without the disadvantages. It is a recyclable material, durable and very resistant to stress, in addition to being breathable.

You will always find a reusable tote bag to your liking. And because being eco-responsible doesn’t mean boring, all our products are customizable, whether in terms of colors, sizes or prints. We meet all your requirements.



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