Eco friendly accessories for ready-made clothes

Eco friendly accessories for ready-made clothes

Often ignored, accessories, especially for ready-to-wear, are also a source of pollution. And many of these accessories still use plastic. But fortunately, there are ecological alternatives.

Through different ecological and recycled materials, we offer a range of accessories for your clothes, while being environmentally friendly. Whether it is covers, bags, storage boxes or closet organizers, there is always a solution and an ecological alternative. Because we believe that for accessories, it is also possible to make a gesture for our Planet.

Among the different materials we offer for our range of accessories, we find non-woven and woven polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is a very good alternative to plastic and allows us to create strong and resistant products. Environmentally friendly, this material allows us to produce accessories that are eco-responsible but also durable, for long-term use.

We also use polyester, especially recycled (rPET). The particularity of this material is to propose the recycling of plastic materials, and more particularly plastic bottles. The result is a yarn, then a fabric, which is used for the manufacture of clothing covers. This allows us to reduce the presence of plastic, and to produce accessories with a lower ecological impact.

But we also turn to innovative products such as sugarcane bagasse or Tyvek. Sugar cane bagasse is a 100% natural material. Initially a waste product from the production of sugar cane juice, it is recovered to make a light and recyclable material. For its part, Tyvek is a high density fiber, particularly resistant. In appearance, it could resemble paper, but with greater strength. And the other advantage of this material is that it is perfectly possible to recycle it.

With a little imagination and the right materials, it is therefore possible to produce clothing accessories that are eco-responsible and environmentally friendly.



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