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Eco reusable tableware

Reputed to be cheap and practical, plastic tableware is a real scourge for the environment. That’s why its use is now banned. But in many cases, it’s much better to use eco-friendly AND reusable dinnerware.

After all, single-use tableware is not always essential and more responsible alternatives can be used. Sustainable tableware is definitely the best alternative. And if it is made of ecological and sustainable materials, it is the assurance of a preserved environment.

And for this, different materials can be used. Who says ecological reusable tableware, also says great diversity!

Among all the materials that we have selected for a sustainable and reusable ecological tableware, we find metal. It is obviously the first material that comes to mind. And for good reason, it is the archetype of sustainable and reusable material, almost infinitely. We offer a range of elegant and resistant metal cutlery. But we also make straws. Just as resistant as the cutlery, they allow you to enjoy your drinks and cocktails without negatively impacting the environment.

And when it comes to straws, metal is not the only material we use. Bamboo, reed or rice are other alternatives to plastic. Certainly, we are here on 100% natural materials which, in addition to being reusable and biodegradable, are original. You have here an ethical, quality product that will catch the eye of your consumers!

But that’s not all, we also offer a whole range of bowls, salad bowls and trays. For this type of tableware, we have chosen bamboo and coconut. Once again, bamboo is a 100% natural product, with particularly interesting resistance properties. It is the assurance of a durable tableware, in addition to being original and ecological. Moreover, bamboo can withstand a relatively wide temperature range.

For the coconut, we have taken our commitment to environmental responsibility even further. Indeed, every year, millions of coconut shells are thrown away and then burned. We give a second life to these shells, avoiding unnecessary pollution. After cleaning and polishing, we obtain bowls and salad bowls of quality, durable and original to say the least. And during this transformation, no chemical process or toxic substance is used.

The ecological and reusable tableware has many arguments, whether in terms of resistance, durability, elegance but especially of eco responsible use. And to offer you the most complete offer possible, we offer you a customization of your cutlery, bowls and salad bowls, in order to meet all your requirements.



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