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Sustainable backpacks/laptop bags

The backpack, and all its variations, has become a real life companion. Whether it is for work, shopping or vacation, its use is multiple. And with a growing demand, it is obviously the choice of materials that raises questions.

Whether it is a backpack, a computer bag, pouches or leather goods in general, it is now necessary to change the manufacturing process. The bag and satchel must now be environmentally responsible, and the use of ecological materials has become essential.

This is what Direct Eco Green strives to offer with bags that use recyclable and ecological materials. Our bags are designed with respect for the environment, with the use of eco-responsible materials. We find different materials, whether natural, organic or upcycled.

And behind this approach, we want to go further. It is not only eco-responsible bags that we want to offer, but also quality bags, elegant and chic. Because offering a sustainable product is also compatible with charm and practicality.

You can discover our entire range of bags:

For this entire range of bags, we use recyclable materials, which are compatible with our vision of sustainability:

Vegan leather

Vegan leather is a material that does not use any animal resources, either for its manufacture or for testing. But above all, it should not be confused with vegetal leather which is a use of classic leather, but with a vegetable tanning method.

The vegan leather has only the name of leather. It is in fact a vegetable alternative to leather. Various solutions exist, such as the use of materials from fruit residues, recycling of plastics, or the use of plants (eucalyptus, cactus, mushrooms, ….)

The use of vegan leather is therefore more ethical and ecological. It is a major asset for making bags that are both eco-friendly, original and elegant.


While we associate this material with wine corks, cork is a material that appears more and more in leather goods. And for good reason, in addition to being disruptive and ecological, it has many assets in its pocket.

Light, resistant, waterproof, anti-allergic, soft to the touch, … all qualities and promises that cork offers. And in the case of the creation of bags, especially for women’s leather goods, it is a material that is experiencing a real boom.

Of 100% natural origin, cork is ecological, durable and recyclable. It fits perfectly in the creation of sustainable backpacks and bags.


Undeniably, plastic and its by-products cause a lot of pollution. However, there are solutions that allow to counter the use of plastic. And among them, we find rPET.

Otherwise known as recycled PET, this material is mainly derived from the recycling of water bottles or used textiles. This recycled polyester is becoming one of the most widely used materials in the textile industry, including backpacks, bags and covers.

The objective of rPET is obviously to reduce the environmental impact, and to use household waste that has become too bulky. It therefore allows recycling, but in addition to that, it is itself recyclable.

Compared to traditional polyester, rPET requires 59% less energy for its production. It is perfectly strong, durable and has the appearance of a cotton twill fabric. It can also give the appearance of a non-woven PP, for a more dynamic and modern look.

It is therefore a major asset in the constitution of environmentally friendly backpacks, bags and covers, in addition to being design and aesthetic.



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