Eco takeaway packaging

Eco takeaway packaging

The take-out industry and the fast-food industry are often criticized for the excessive use of single-factory packaging. But this represents many advantages for consumers. But single use does not necessarily mean disrespecting nature!

It is therefore possible to combine take-away and fast-food businesses, while respecting nature. For this, it is possible to trust recyclable materials, from natural materials, for a more eco responsible consumption.

For this, we offer a multitude of food packaging dedicated to the takeaway. Whether it is trays, packaging for French fries and pancakes, pasta boxes, salad boxes, or packaging for burgers, you will find your happiness. But above all, it is the ecological and recyclable aspect of these products that we offer you, for a consumption, on the go, but concerned about the environment.

We offer different types of food trays or bowls, whether for salads, pasta, French fries or other prepared meals. We attach importance to the fact that they are made from recyclable materials, even if their ultimate purpose is single use. Thus, we use materials such as kraft, PLA or coffee grounds. All these materials allow for responsible consumption thanks to the use of recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials.

In the same way, for our pasta, burger, hot dog and pizza boxes, we only use materials with a very low environmental impact. This is why we mainly use cardboard and kraft. They offer a good resistance, are suitable for food contact, but especially are recyclable. You have the guarantee of an eco-responsible packaging, which meets all your criteria for take-away sales, will delight your consumers while being environmentally friendly.

And of course, all our products are customizable. We can apply any type of personalization, with different deliveries, colors and logos. In addition to the practicality of these packages, you convey an environmentally responsible image of your brand.



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