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Eco friendly cosmetics and jewelry packaging

Perfumes, wellness, creams, oils, …. cosmetics is a vast and varied field. But the common point of all these products is the experience they give, but especially the feeling they give to the customer. And very often, this is achieved through the packaging that contains them.

Very often, cosmetics are present in a primary packaging to store the component (oil, cream, perfume, …). And it is necessary to have a secondary packaging, which will allow the product to be put on the shelf, but also its storage and transportation. And this is where it is important to stand out and offer a disruptive packaging.

In the world of cosmetics, more and more voices are being raised against certain practices and the use of certain ingredients. So, to restore a certain image, many brands are embarking on new paths. And among them, recyclable, sustainable and ecological packaging.

And eco-responsible packaging does not mean cheap packaging. That’s what we strive to offer, with quality cosmetic packaging that has the lowest possible environmental impact.

This ranges from jewelry pouches made of microfiber or velvet, to artificial leather cases, to perfume packaging made of kraft, cardboard or ivory. All these materials are recyclable and ecological, allowing us to offer an eco-responsible packaging, while protecting the contents and offering an aesthetic and stylish rendering.

Our approach is to offer a substitute product, often an alternative to plastic, via recyclable and/or biodegradable materials. No concession is made on the quality or aesthetics of the packaging. After all, cosmetics represent a certain idea of luxury, whether it is for perfumery or jewelry. We must therefore extend this image through our packaging.

And this even extends to bags and gift boxes. To transport cosmetics and jewelry, we offer a range of bags and boxes, with eco-responsible qualities, while offering a noble and aesthetic finish.

Of course, for each of our products, we offer different finishes, colors and placement of your logo, to meet all your requirements. The personalization of cosmetic packaging is a priority, and allows you to convey the image of your brand. By adding an eco-responsible touch, you can only score points at a time of more controlled consumption.



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