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Our story

Packaging, whether for food, cosmetics or for the transport of personal items, has become a real challenge. The end of plastic in the world of packaging has sounded the hour of change. Much more than a change in regulations, it is a real collective awareness that is at work.

Direct Eco Green was born from this desire for change. The packaging must become ecological and sustainable, while maintaining a quality that meets the expectations of the consumer. Nature gives us many ingredients to change the game and have an eco-responsible attitude, including in the world of packaging.

Our story

We have been established in Vietnam for more than 7 years, working closely with local factories and producers. Since we want a much more eco-responsible use of packaging, whether for food, for cosmetics or in the manufacture of bags, we are as close as possible to the factories.

This allows us to be directly involved in the design and manufacturing processes, to build trusted partnerships and to foster closeness. This allows, among other things, to increase and achieve the best quality standards.

We know all our suppliers, with a relationship of trust and a true ethical culture. The entire chain, from production to delivery to you, is fully controlled, to offer you the best possible product.

Our values

Our main motivation is to offer sustainable solutions for packaging that always respects the environment. We will look for these solutions, in order to offer products that are ever more innovative, more durable, but still just as resistant and of high quality.

But our desire is also to work with factories that are respectful of the environment and people. Because offering recyclable and ecological packaging also means adopting an ethical approach.

We work with small local producers, which allows us to establish a relationship of trust, and to have insurance on the quality and origin of the materials. Little by little, it is also a relationship of trust that has been established between us, where everyone comes out a winner.

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But we are convinced that sustainable packaging is also a reflection of your brand image. This is why we are working on new materials, to always offer you quality and innovative products.

Our commitment is your satisfaction, while respecting the environment in which we live. And this also involves listening, to offer you personalized solutions and meet all your requirements.

Our certifications for sustainable packaging

Working to design and produce sustainable packaging, always more respectful of the environment, is also a responsibility. And it cannot be improvised. This is why labels and certifications exist.

We work with a set of organizations that certify our seriousness and our respect, both for the environment and for people. These certifications are the result of quality work, but also of an ethical and responsible approach. Because producing eco-responsible packaging is not only in the choice of material, but also throughout the production chain.

Find all our certifications here:

This requires respect for forest management, with a sustainable development approach, with the FSC label, guaranteeing production from renewable resources. But we are also for the recyclability of our products and the fact that they are compostable. We also have recognition for products made from recycled materials, such as rPET. This guarantees a reduction in waste and saves raw materials or energy.

But the recognition of our work is also done at the level of working conditions. Thus, we have received several certifications showing our commitment to improving working conditions, that no child labor is accepted.

The goal is to offer quality, sustainable products that respect people and their environment.

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