Temple in Vietnam

Our team

Our desire is your satisfaction. To do this, we have surrounded ourselves with specialists in the world of packaging. Because we ourselves have learned in this field, we share our experience with you.

Thanks to our contacts in Asia, our immediate proximity to the factories, we guarantee you the best possible reactivity and a perfect follow-up of the projects that you entrust to us.

It is this experience that gave birth to Direct Eco Green.

The sustainability of our relationships

Our team

At Direct Eco Green, we attach great importance to the Human. If this requires an exemplary relationship with our customers, it is the same with factories and suppliers.

We are committed to having an ethical approach, not just for our products, but also with our suppliers.

Having a positive impact on the Earth, but also on Humans is important to us. And every day, we make it a point of honor to respect these commitments.

Always by your side

Our mission is also to support you. From the idea, to production, through design and logistics, we are always at your side.

The success of your project is our full satisfaction, and we strive to find the best solutions at the best cost.

We are also at your side to find ever more innovative solutions and implement them. Thanks to Direct Eco Green, you will always be one step ahead, while being sustainable.


Tell us a bit about your project

If you are interested in our products and want to have an information request, please leave a message here, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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