Sachets, wrapping, bags and gift boxes

Sachets, wrapping, bags and gift boxes

Pleasure of giving, joy of receiving! Yes, but not just any way. Gift bags, wrapping, bags and boxes are massively used in our world. And the use of plastic for these gift bags is truly negative for the environment. With a degradation that takes more than 400 years, plastic is inevitably to be banned.

Also, it is in this step that we propose you gift wrapping, in any kind, recyclable. And this does not mean that you put aside the quality of a bag or a gift box. On the contrary. Just, it is a different approach, based on an environmental approach, but without denying the quality.

For this, we offer a range of gift wrapping, using different materials, all with an ecological and sustainable aim. And our goal is to stay focused on recyclable and reusable materials. These include cardboard, kraft, paper, bagasse and artificial leather.

Focus on some of these materials.

Kraft paper

Real alternative to plastic, kraft paper is becoming more and more popular. Made from wood and water, it is the archetype of biodegradable and compostable material. Thanks to its natural design, its environmental impact is very low. With kraft paper gift wrap, you can give pleasure without negatively impacting the planet.

But above all, kraft paper has other arguments. It is a material that is very resistant. It can therefore accommodate heavy loads without any concern and be used and reused. Professionals will find their account there, whatever the profession. Here you combine the useful with the pleasant.

Tired of the brown color, characteristic of kraft, it is possible to get it in white, polka dot or fruity version. Kraft paper suits all your desires!

Luxury paper

When we think luxury gift wrapping, we obviously think of a glossy finish. But then again, you don’t have to rely on plastic to get that look. Luxury paper fulfills this mission perfectly and offers you a luxury finish, without denying your environmental convictions.

In this case, two options are possible: in the first case, we can use wheat straw and palm pulp, or simply kraft paper, again. In both cases, we are dealing with recyclable, biodegradable and even compostable materials.


Still little known to the general public, bagasse comes from sugar cane. More specifically, it is the fibrous residue of the cane, after being crushed to recover the juice (or suc). In other words, the waste from sugarcane juice is not thrown away and is used to make a material, thanks to the cellulose that constitutes it.

In other words, instead of being burned, and therefore polluting, this waste is reused to make recyclable and biodegradable packaging. And among them, we find some luxury packaging, including bags and gift boxes.

Customization is always possible

Even if we are talking about ecological and sustainable materials, it is still possible to play with colors. Many colors can be used for our bags, packaging and gift boxes, to meet all your requirements.

In addition to offering an original packaging, you will delight the eye of your customer. And your customer will be able to use the bag for other purposes, conveying the eco-friendly image of your brand.



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