Luxury packaging

Luxury packaging

If packaging has above all a transport function, it has gradually become an element of differentiation and style. Through packaging, we can tell a story, arouse emotion, convey an image, ….

And for each packaging, the detail counts. It is what will distinguish the bag or the box from a competitor, but above all it is the first impression felt by the customer. It is therefore important that this feeling is the best. This is how luxury packaging was born.

Luxury packaging goes far beyond its simple function of protection and transportation. It is a real jewel box that must offer the most elegant and chic image of the product. It is the identity of the product that is reflected through the packaging, and at the same time, the image of the brand.

Also, because each field is different, find all our luxury packaging in the following categories:

It is not possible to consider a luxury packaging that is not aesthetically beautiful and with a quality feel. The packaging must be refined to show the consumer the value of the brand, but also the richness of the product they are about to acquire.

However, if plastic has long been legion in the field of luxury packaging, the latter must reinvent itself. And this is helped by the environmental and ecological concerns of users. Buying luxury, yes, but not at any cost to the environment.

This is why today luxury packaging, whether it is for cosmetics, chocolates, wines and spirits, candy or gift packaging in general, must be sustainable.

The revival of luxury packaging

Gone are the days of plastic, it is now time to find new solutions that can both meet the requirements of sustainability, while maintaining the chic and elegance. This is a real challenge for brands.

But this challenge appears much easier than it seems. Because there are many materials, allowing various finishes, but also different designs, ranging from the most sober to the most extravagant.

And with this diversity of materials, several senses will work: hearing, touch, sight or smell. In luxury packaging, everything is thought out and designed so that the user experience is the most successful.

Personalization also impacts luxury packaging. And even more than in any other type of packaging, each brand must be unique and each consumer must be able to identify with it. And the choice of material, which is moreover eco-responsible, is an answer to this originality.

Focus on some of these materials:


Perhaps, it is not the material that first comes to mind when we talk about luxury. And yet, this material is increasingly used in the field of luxury packaging.

Yet, gift boxes can perfectly give off an impression of luxury and elegance, while being made of cardboard. The art lies in the use of the cardboard, its personalization, the colors used, the addition of some details or the texture.

And all this can be enhanced by the fact that we are dealing with a sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable material. Who says luxury can’t be eco-friendly?


Cotton has always had a noble aspect for centuries, especially in the textile industry. But its use is also present in the field of jewelry, for jewelry bags for example.

The touch is only more delicate and even before opening the bag to discover the jewel, the user is in a positive mood. It is also this state and this positivity that luxury packaging must be able to give to the consumer: to prepare him to discover the real luxury product. The packacing is not there to substitute it, but to sublimate it.

And the use of organic cotton is an additional asset in the search for an eco responsible luxury packaging. The latter comes from a responsible agriculture, using no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which makes it a natural product much more respectful of the environment. And compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton saves a lot of water.


Yes, paper can be used for luxury packaging and it even proves to be a very good component in this sense. Paper, in addition to being an eco friendly material, has qualities that make it a very good candidate for luxury packaging.

Even if only in terms of touch or auditory sensation, paper provides a unique experience. And depending on how it is treated, it can become very robust or waterproof, but always keeping its ecological aspect and being 100% recyclable.

Sugar Cane Bagasse

Here’s a material that’s not very common in luxury packaging. But here, the use of this material will allow you to stand out, with an innovative and especially eco responsible product.

Bagasse comes from sugar cane, it is a waste product of the latter. More precisely, it is the fibrous residue from the extraction of sugarcane juice. This residue contains cellulose which will allow the design and manufacture of bagasse. Here, these are different ecological advantages that are grouped in a single product: use of a waste (which would otherwise pollute), creation of a biosourced material, 100% natural origin, recyclable and biodegradable.

Luxury likes to reinvent itself and discover new ways. With sugarcane bagasse, it is an opportunity to use an innovative and ecological material, while keeping a chic and elegant look.



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