Chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes

Chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes

Discover our packaging tubes for chocolates and pastries, with various materials and configurations:

    • Round PETG+PLA chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes with metal base and lid
    • Round chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes in PET+PLA with tin lid
    • Square PET+PLA chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes with tin base and lid

We offer a selection of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging tubes for chocolates and pastries. The transparent PET and PETG food tubes allow you to offer all your chocolates, pastries, sugared almonds, macaroons or cookies in an original and elegant packaging.

The modern design of our transparent tubes highlights your chocolates and pastries, thanks to a unique packaging. Made of PET and PETG, our chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes are food grade, but also very resistant. They can withstand high pressure without cracking and can be thermoformed to give different shapes and personalize the packaging.

For all our transparent packaging and tubes for chocolates, we offer two formats: round or square. And for all the models, we provide a metal tin lid. This provides an elegant and airtight closure, while offering additional rigidity to the package. All our packaging is made of PET and PETG, which makes it 100% recyclable. The image that you convey of your brand is therefore elegance, luxury, but also an environmentally responsible use.

For all our chocolate tube packaging and pastry boxes, we offer full customization, whether in terms of color, size or logo.



Sur mesure

Custom made



Technical details:

Candy packaging material

PET, PETG, Tinplate



Size of the packaging

45 mm, 65 mm, Personalized

Certified products:

In order to offer you packaging that is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also of our quality, we work with all the major certification companies, in order to guarantee you quality products that also meet the standards in force on the market.

Whether it is in terms of traceability of raw materials used, quality control of products, compliance with safety rules and labor rights of employees, we respect all standards in force.

Moreover, we guarantee you an accompaniment in all the processes of certifications, with the factories, and the quality controls.

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