Eco friendly recycled backpacks and diaper bag backpacks

Eco friendly recycled backpacks and diaper bag backpacks

Discover our backpacks made of recycled materials in different configurations:

    • Laptop eco friendly backpacks
    • Recycled backpack for changing clothes
    • Rain cover for backpacks

Laptop eco friendly backpack:

Discover our selection of backpacks for laptops, made of recycled materials. Because you are very mobile, your laptop follows you everywhere. What could be better than a laptop backpack? But be careful, not just any backpack! That’s why we offer you these eco friendly backpacks, up to 80% of recycled materials, to offer a durable and ecological companion, concerned about the environment.

All of our laptop backpacks are made from high quality fabric. This recycled material is durable, but it has other advantages: it is water and dust repellent, so your PC is fully protected from the elements. Also, the stitching lines are strong to provide a durable backpack.

Our well-designed and eco friendly backpacks offer numerous small compartments. They allow for systematic storage of your accessories, such as mice, tablets, headphones, batteries, etc… or personal items.

For optimal comfort, all our backpacks are equipped with padded shoulder straps with soft foam and mesh on the outside. This way, you won’t feel the strain on your shoulders, and you can keep the bag on your back with comfort.

Backpack Rain Cover:

When you take your backpack, you are facing the weather conditions. And you care about the stuff inside that bag, like your laptop. Even if our backpacks are waterproof, the weather conditions can get worse and you need to switch to a higher protection: the rain cover.

We also offer a range of rain jackets to effectively protect your backpack from the elements. With its waterproof material, this rain cover will perfectly protect your bag from moisture, but also from dust and dirt. Lightweight and easy to fold, you’ll forget it’s on your bag, and you can store it very easily when you’re not using it. Plus, it fits perfectly in the bag with its elastic system.

Diaper bag backpack:

Baby has arrived, and with him comes a lot of happiness. But it also requires a new organization and well thought out logistics. That’s why we thought of creating the diaper bag backpack. It is a bag in which you can store all the accessories and items of baby, when he travels.

This backpack offers many compartments to compartmentalize all your stuff, and neatly organize your little one’s things. All compartments are different sizes to segment your baby’s belongings, whether it’s diapers, milk, food boxes, thermos, toys or clothes. Thanks to its large capacity, the diaper bag backpack will be perfect for any expedition and be well organized.

For comfort, the backpack has two foam padded shoulder straps. This way, comfort is not sacrificed for practicality.

For all of our bags, we offer a variety of colors and finishes, and can customize your backpack to meet any requirement.

100% naturel

100% natural

Sur mesure

Custom made



Technical details:

Use of the bag

Backpacks, Changing bags, Shoulder bags

Backpack pouches material

Nylon, Polyester, rPET

Backpack pouches size

11 inches, 12 inches, 13.5 inches, 15.6 inches, Personalized

Certified products:

In order to offer you packaging that is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also of our quality, we work with all the major certification companies, in order to guarantee you quality products that also meet the standards in force on the market.

Whether it is in terms of traceability of raw materials used, quality control of products, compliance with safety rules and labor rights of employees, we respect all standards in force.

Moreover, we guarantee you an accompaniment in all the processes of certifications, with the factories, and the quality controls.

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