Felt and Tyvek tote bags

Felt and Tyvek tote bags

Discover our tote bags and bags in felt or Tyvek in different configurations:

    • Felt tote bag
    • Tyvek tote bag
    • Tyvek backpack
    • Tyvek briefcase, with zipper and strap
    • Tyvek makeup bag with zipper
    • Tyvek toilet bag with zipper
    • Tyvek drawstring pouch

We offer you a selection of felt bags and tote bags, perfectly ecological and durable. In addition to its eco-responsible aspect, the felt bag is gaining popularity for its many properties, but also for its elegant and original design.

Felt is a material made from clothing waste, which makes it a 100% recycled product. In addition, felt bags are strong and durable, allowing for long-lasting use, not one-time use. By default, felt is a strong material that does not require additional reinforcement, and can withstand heavy loads. The material does not fray and can be used on both sides, as the two surfaces are identical.

With our felt bags, you are guaranteed to have an original and durable bag, of quality, highlighting your brand. And to meet all your requirements, our felt bags are customizable with the colors of your choice, and the placement of your logo, text and images.

Discover also our Tyvek bags and tote bags, an innovative, recyclable and extremely durable solution. A way to stand out for your advertising bags and offer your customers an innovative and eco-friendly product.

Tyvek is an ultra light and resistant non-woven material. It combines the qualities of paper, plastic and fabric, without the disadvantages. Tyvek bags are monolayer, therefore thinner, while offering a very high resistance and giving them a very good air permeability. Tyvek is known for its resistance to stress and tears, with a feel similar to paper, the same color and texture. In addition, it is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

For all your needs, we can customize your Tyvek bags and tote bags with various colors and your logo. Note that Tyvek bags can be printed, embossed, perforated and glued.



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Custom made



Technical details:

Reusable bag material

Felt, Tyvek

Size of the bag

L, M, Personalized, S


100 g/m², 350 g/m², 44 g/m², 50 g/m², 60 g/m², 80 g/m², Personalized

Certified products:

In order to offer you packaging that is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also of our quality, we work with all the major certification companies, in order to guarantee you quality products that also meet the standards in force on the market.

Whether it is in terms of traceability of raw materials used, quality control of products, compliance with safety rules and labor rights of employees, we respect all standards in force.

Moreover, we guarantee you an accompaniment in all the processes of certifications, with the factories, and the quality controls.

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